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Alison Walsh - Brand experience


    As the Advertising Planner on McDonald's (1989 - 1992; 24 million billing at Leo Burnett), I worked on the brand's creative development and helped guide McDonald's on new product development and research management.

    As Consumer Trends Manager at Coca Cola (1995), I was involved in developing a consumer insight programme as well as helping on new product development and brand development projects. I have since helped advise on creative development research for Inca Kola in Peru (2005); Coca Cola Light in South Africa (2006) and the Waters Division in Latin America (2007) and Coke Zero in Latin America (2008) and Nestea in Latin America (2009).

    Qualitative research to refine brand positioning and pack designs for new products.


    Allied Domecq
    Qualitative research on customer needs and optimum pub design for Scruffy Murphy's.

    Scottish & Newcastle
    Major study of customer service needs to guide the future development of the pub and restaurant estate.

    Kwik Save
    Ethnographic study of Kwik Save customers to guide store and new product development.


    Grocery loyalty schemes
    Qualitative research to review impact of grocery loyalty schemes on shopper perception and behaviour.

    Golden Wonder
    Qualitative research to support brand vision and new product development work.

    As Market Research Manager at Terry's (1988-1989), I undertook a re-evaluation of the strategy for current confectionery brands both UK and abroad.


    Internal new product development workshop. Worked with consultancy advising on the development of Consumer Insight Tools.

    Nestle Toffee Crisp
    Brand positioning research supporting consultancy advising on the brand's development.

    Elizabeth Shaw
    Qualitative research on existing and new products, supported by an internal new product development workshop.


    St Ivel
    As the Advertising Planner on St Ivel (1998 DMB&B ; 7.5 million billing), I undertook an evaluation of advertising effectiveness and reviewed portfolio management issues.

    As the Advertising Planner on Pillsbury (1992 Leo Burnett), I worked on the brand's creative development.


    As the Advertising Planner on Jus-Rol (1992 Leo Burnett), I repositioned the brand's advertising to target the less confident cook where the market growth opportunity lay.

    Upper Crust
    Research to guide on brand positioning and site development.

    Blue Band margerine
    As Senior Account Executive at Burson-Marsteller (1983 - 84), I managed the public relations campaign.

    New Covent Garden Soups
    Client brand future workshop.


    Qualitative research to help define brand vision.


    Yellow Pages
    Business to business advertising qualitative research.


    Competitor intelligence


    Norwich Union (Aviva Group)

    As the Advertising Planner on Norwich Union (2001 McCann-Erickson: £14 million billing) I worked on building brand saliency and trust.

    Pearl Assurance
    (Phoenix Group)
    As Market Research Manager at Pearl Assurance (1985 - 1988), I was responsible for consumer, investor and salesforce research. I contributed to business development strategic initiatives.

    Barclays insurance services

    Qualitative brand development research.


    As the Global Planner on Nutricia (2008 - currently, Havas), I lead the insight development programme to build the global brand with consumers and health care professionals


    SMA Nutrition
    As the Advertising Planner on SMA (1996 - 2007 Euro RSCG Life 3 million billing), I spearheaded a change in brand communications taking the brand from a position of declining market share to major market growth and leadership.


    As Global Planner at Euro RSCG Life I supported communications strategy for Wyeth global product launches.

    Workshops and research programme to guide on brand positioning and brand architecture


    Nurofen for Children
    Consumer immersion research to guide on brand communications


    As the Advertising Planner on Lemsip (2008 Euro RSCG), I advise on the building of brand equity and communications strategy.

    Creative development and new product development qualitative research.


    As the Advertising Planner (2007- 2009 Euro RSCG) I advise on advertising strategy and the development of new market opportunities.


    Advertising development research.


    As the Advertising Planner (2005-2006) I developed a more relevant and distinctive advertising strategy leading to share growth..


    Advertising development qualitative research.

    Planning on brand development.


    Hill's Pet Nutrition
    Client strategy workshop.



    As the Advertising Planner (2012 -currently Havas) I worked on the global brand strategy and advertising communications for Feliway.

    Creative development and new product development qualitative research.


    As the Advertising Planner on MFI (1996 Publicis ;
    13 million billing), I undertook creative and business development research.

    As the Advertising Planner on Clairol (2000 Banks Hoggins O'Shea FCB ; 16 million billing), I guided creative development and assisted on new product development.


    New product development research, involving a sequential recycling approach to fast-track the exploration of new ideas.

    As the Advertising Planner (2006- 2007 Euro RSCG) I advised on UK and global brand and communications strategy.


    Qualitative brand development research.


    Qualitative consumer and trade product design research.

    Granada motorway services

    Qualitative brand development research.


    National Lottery
    Qualitative research to explore creative ideas for the TV show.